Simon Kuhn

Editorial, 2010

Apartment Wrestling

It’s Monday night in Bern, an average night to relax in the comfort of your living room after a hard days work. But not for our red headed hostess, Miami ‘The Crusher’ Jones. As a member of her local Apartment Wrestling Association it’s her turn to

frauen, kampf, wrestling, wohnzimmer, tattoo

As Gimpy Martinez was released from his small wooden box he was ferociously attacked by both teams. Hungry for flesh, they began to beat and twist his poor weak body. After his beating Gimpy simply explained, ‘I just love it, I don’t know why’.

frauen, kampf, wrestling, wohnzimmer, party

Trixie quickly slaps on another Voodoo Rhythm record while Spunky and Chubby grapple to the primitive beat. Dolls an Gimpy admire the moment while catching their breath from the first round of action.

frauen, kampf, wrestling, wohnzimmer, musik

The final showdown between Miami and Trixie, who will win? As Spunky, Knuckles, Blondie and Gimpy watch in amazement, the Apartment Wrestling championship will be determined in the next few blows. Who`s it gonna be? The Carpet Demons or The Rug Burners?

frauen, kampf, wrestling, wohnzimmer, masken


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Apartment Wrestling
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