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Editorial, 2011

Bank on Us

Selektionierte "Editorial" 2011

After leaving UBS Headquarters, a man runs across Paradeplatz in the pouring rain. Paradeplatz, symbolic heart of an industry estimated to hold up to US$7000 billion in assets, including a third of all global offshore funds.

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Shareholders arriving for the Annual General Meeting of UBS, in Basel St Jacob's Hall. Relations between the bank and its shareholders has changed greatly, with the bank's many failures - not least the breach of banking secrecy

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Chairman of UBS Kaspar Villiger, addressing shareholders, as seen on a monitor during the bank's Annual General Meeting 2011. The former politician's position has been placed in question.

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Man picking up metal suitcases on Paradeplatz. As much as US$1000 billion undeclared European assets alone are thought to lie in Swiss banks.

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'Bank' window reflecting Paradeplatz in the snow.

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Members of the board of Credit Suisse sharing a joke in front row seats, before the bank's Annual General Meeting 2011, following disappointing results.

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Shareholder at 2011 Annual General Meeting of UBS

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Oswald Grübel, Group CEO of UBS, responding to disgruntled shareholders at UBS's annual general meeting, seen on a video screen inside the entry to the stadium used as a venue. Grubel resigned in late 2011 following a major loss in the bank's investment

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Bank on Us
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