Irina Garcia

Reportage, 2017

From the sheep's back on the traprock to the woollen mills of Italy

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The Amiens woolgrowers swapped Sydney careers in IT for Clive's family property a bit over two decades ago and haven't looked back. The couple run a 5000 plus flock of Merino wethers on their 11'000 acres of country in the Goldfields Road area and as Rural Links went to print this month were just finishing off the annual shear, which runs for about eight weeks. It's just Clive and Margaret and this year shearer Clinton Thorm and roustabout Sheila Williams but they're a well-honed team, and given the very specific nature of the wool's market, quality wins overy quantity when it comes to human resources - not to mention the product himself. The Smiths are among a handful of Granite Belt und Southern Downs producers still in the wool game, holding out against the scourge of wild dogs and proving the overseas market is still strong for what comes off the back of a Merino. The Smith's fine micron wool is primarily used for italian suits.


Titel der Arbeit
From the sheep's back on the traprock to the woollen mills of Italy