Haeberlin Yann

Free, 2015



sea black and white water

Home_02_Aux USA l'agence fédérale des médicaments et de l'alimentation a donné l'autorisation de commercialiser un saumon génétiquement modifié créé par la société de biotechnologies AquaBounty Technologies.

red fish exploitation


tree jungle palm forest

Home_04_La Suisse importe une importante quantité d'or provenant du Togo. Or ce pays n'en produit pas. Il provient en réalité du Burkina Faso où la plupart des mineurs sont des enfants et travaillent dans des conditions désastreuses.

precious stone mine gold


jungle fern black and white

Home_06_Syngenta, entreprise suisse, est le plus grand producteur de pesticides au monde.

pesticide swiss company bee death


syngenta bees neonicotinoids

Home_08_Variété FK95 Monsanto, Coton OGM cultivé au Burkina Faso.

monsanto cotton gmo burkina faso


My photographic project consists of thoughts on social, economic and environmental issues. This photographic sequence, Home, is a logical extension of my previous works. Indeed, one of my latest project, "Inventio", deals with similar subjects: the exploitation of the developing countries resources by Swiss companies or based in Switzerland, it deals with globalization.

The poetic side of the images allows a complete freedom of interpretation from the viewer. Only by reading the legends related to the pictures he can understand the meaning of the work.

Starting with elements from my personal life, I approach much broader notions, neo-colonialism, globalization, ecology etc. I begin with a personal story, to move towards a global issue, the power relations between the north and the south, a reflection on capitalism. I do not pretend to give any solutions, but I try to share my feelings about the world and my life in relation to it.


Titel der Arbeit