Carrillo Juan

Free, 2015

Lost and Found in an Open Economy

pissoir fun learning

rain smoking break

wandering city thinking

german love death

mistaken noharm explanations

self relief home

strangeness tourism envy

dream loss distance


"Lost and Found" in an Open Economy" refers to the recreational and strongly evocative vision of discreet elements of life, selected by an economical immigrant in Switzerland. Assisted by a phone camera, the only possible tool at his or her hand, this individual elaborates a discourse of random but curious or cryptic scenes and objects, whichs only purpose could be understood as overcoming the "nothing to tell home about", after the hours dedicated to the material reproduction of everyday life.

The black & white retouching of the images, with a strong basis on the grain structure as well as the vignetting, was decided as a way of creating a more delicate and intimate relation with the visions the objects may summon up from the viewer or the public. Following this communicational approach, the images will be printed as postcards (11x13cms), using texts (in white handwriting, underneath or next to them, see tags) explaining them to those who will receive them.

"Lost and Found in an Open Economy" is a personal, still-in-progress project. The author uses personal stories collected told by friends and collected by him in personal notebooks.


Titel der Arbeit
Lost and Found in an Open Economy