Nora Smith

Editorial, 2015


androgynous portrait deep white pure

androgynous portrait stairs black blue

androgynous portrait look shadow

androgynous portrait butterfly look

androgynous portrait black dark

androgynous portrait bath blue

androgynous portrait sheet white eyes



How do we feel when we do not feel we represent any gender, or how do we feel when we represent them all simultaneously?

In a hypersexualized society where it’s all about physical attractions, androgynous can't find their place. Their body rebels against what they are submitted to daily; how can they accept their sexual assets while not knowing what to do with them. They create a malaise.

In these images, Kim poses without any guidelines. From day to day, from week to week, his fragile balance is transforming, changing, switching. It wavers but catches-up with one hand, while fighting against the doldrum that could overwhelm him once more.

From a glimpse into the lens to a soft stroke from his arm to his head, he doesn’t intend to provoke. His capacity of expression is such that we need just to connect with his eyes to realise the complexity of his thoughts.

The presented photographs carry the intimate goal to consolidate the image he represents. To progressively accept the beauty of this face, the delicate shapes of his body without the constraint to feel more man or woman. As a deep social construction, the gender shouldn’t influence the way we consider ourselves : it is an abstract notion to which we have all the rights, independently of our genitals.

note : the pronoum “he“ is used to simplify the lecture. he/she would have been better according to Kim’s feeling.

Nora Smith / ECAL


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