Gregory Collavini

Fine Art, 2015

Silent Outlooks


wall house roche


wall garden reserviert


wall building wanderweg


wall children waves


wall house sunset


wall bush naturerights


wall christmas tree lights


wall chair tree break


An analysis of the landscape reveals that some state constructions could lead to pernicious effects such as landscape and population control. I give a particular interest to the case of Switzerland because its exiguity generates this intense control of territory. Being claustrophobic myself, I feel particularly affected by this situation.
The work shown here is about noise-reduction walls, which are erected almost everywhere on the territory in order to insulate specific sectors phonetically. These devices are built due to a positive political intention notably to protect people from annoying noises caused by highway traffic. They have nevertheless an opposite effect which is to delimit and to contain the landscape, transforming it - using the terminology of Deleuze and Guattari - from a smooth into a striated space. On a more metaphorical level these constructions could be seen as signs of a country shutting itself in.
My goal is to represent a modern topography of Switzerland. I use these walls as a pretext to illustrate my own vision of the swiss landscape.


Titel der Arbeit
Silent Outlooks