Pascal Corbat

Free, 2017

*Spot the magic*

Paléo Music Festival, Nyon

Paléo music festival nyon unicorn

Valle Versasca, Ticino

Valle Verzasca ticino unicorn

San Gottardo, Uri

San gottardo uri unicorn

Bathtub, Home

bathtub home unicorn

Brixton Academy, London

brixton academy london unicorn

Adore & Endure each other, London

adore endure london unicorn

Oxford Street, London

oxford street london unicorn free hugs

Bakerloo Line, London

Bakerloo line underground london unicorn


My series *Spot the magic* was born to show how important it is to take note of the magical moments in your daily life. This summer, there was a unicorn hype brought on by some clever marketing people: They have tried to sell their products with the promise, that those will add the sparkle you are missing in your daily routine.
Inspired by music & movies, I set out to chase the unicorn in real life. Every spot we visited as a family this summer offered an opportunity to *Spot the magic*.
Be it at our favourite music festival, our local supermarket, at a day trip to lake Geneva or the Valle Verzasca, in London City or at home in the cosy bathtub.
All pictures were recorded with my compact Fuji X100T camera, using available light. They were all taken guerrilla-style and no composing was applied.
Open your eyes, wherever you go and don't be afraid to stand out of the crowd!


Titel der Arbeit
*Spot the magic*