Alma Cecilia Suarez

Free, 2016

Swiss, Schweizer, suisses, svizzeri

Selektionierte "Free" 2016

Alexis Heegaard (Fribourg, 2016) and his ancestors Theodor, Nazar, Rudolf and Franz von Reding, celebrating the Swiss National Day (Schwyz, 1891).
Archive: Pierre Heegaard.

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Timothé Heegaard (Fribourg, 2016) and the book dated from 1889 on the history of the Biberegg Chapel built in 1679 in Schwyz, asset of the von Reding family containing four Papal Bulls.

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Olivia de Weck (Lausanne, 2016), lawyer and Swiss Army official.

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Communauté de Grandchamp (Areuse, 2016), a protestant community where Marguerite de Beaumont, descendant of Guillaume-Henry Dufour (1787-1875), was the first nun to settle, in 1936.

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Geographical maps Dufour, the first topographic maps of Switzerland drawn by Guillaume-Henry Dufour from 1845 to 1864 and Justine Payot (Genève, 2016), a descendant born and established in Montréal.

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Entrance of the Simplon tunnel (around 1898) that has been mainly built by italians, as Giovanni Fantoni. In Brig, his grandson Bernhard Fantoni build a collection of pictures and objets related to this construction.
Archive: Museum Stockalperschloss, Brig.

italians tunnel swiss

Isabel Garcia (Zürich, 2016) a lawmaker in Zurich born in Spain, whose mother paid to obtain her the Swiss citizenship.

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Michel Kellner (Genève, 2016) is French and German, and, living in Switzerland since 1988, would like to become Swiss. After months of paperwork, new Swiss citizens must take an oath.

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« Swiss, Schweizer, suisses, svizzeri » is a project developed during a one-year scholarship at Fabrica in 2015. It portrays six emblematic Swiss families chosen to provide an eloquent testimony of the diversity of the spoken languages, the various religious orientations and the many historical and geographical origins of the Swiss population, putting into perspective a Swiss identity defined by its differences.

The "case study families" were selected following interviews with Swiss historians at various universities in French-speaking Switzerland. After illustrating the oldest dynasties (such as von Reding from Schwyz, de Weck from Fribourg , Dufour from Geneva) and those who recently obtained Swiss nationality (such as Fantoni from Brig, Garcia from Zürich), a final chapter is dedicated to the future Swiss citizens who have started their naturalization process.

From family archives and reproductions of ancestors’ portraits to photographs of the descendants made in 2016, I built a certain visual genealogy specific to each family. The selected images are an extract of a wider work, which aims to show the various portraits and stories of Switzerland.


Titel der Arbeit
Swiss, Schweizer, suisses, svizzeri