Salvatore Vitale

Free, 2014

The Moon Was Broken

Selektionierte "Free" 2014


I was 5 years old when, for the first time in my life, I felt the strong feeling of missing something. Few days later my father had a car accident. Going back in time, there is a clear symbolic episode which reminds me of that feeling. That night I was at a luna park with my family, we were going back home when I saw the moon covered by some dark clouds.I started crying, i thought the moon was broken. I can remember exactly that period, the hospital. Nobody knows how he is still alive. I’ve always been very close to my father, we shared a lot of passions, we spent a lot of time together and I guess that a large part of my relationship with him was marked by the fear of loosing him.
Over the years our relationship started to become more complex. He is a typical Sicilian man, no emotions, no feelings, no words. It is very hard to understand what he is thinking or how he feels. And, to be honest, I took a lot after him. I left home at the age of 18, since then our communication started to be very poor, we never see each other than a couple of weeks per year.
But, few months ago, I felt the same feeling experienced many years before by that broken moon and I discovered that my father is experiencing serious health problems. He never talks about it, he never tells how he feels. So I decided to talk to him in order to understand what brought us to this point. It has been a complex discussion where a lot of feelings, memories, explanations, regrets came out. This story talks about me and my identity. But it does so playing with my memory, my imaginary connected to what is real. It is a collection of different states of mind, a vision of what is my story and my identity today. Throughout this series something has changed in my life and in the relationship with my father.


Titel der Arbeit
The Moon Was Broken