Caroline Boissier

Free, 2017


Water 02A, 2013

wasser amber blaue blätter spiegel

Water 03B, 2012

wasser schwarz weiss licht wellen

Water 04, 2012

wasser rot gelb strahlend fliessen

Water 05, 2017

wasser GRAUe schatten alluvium stagnieren

Water 06, 2017

wasser orange grün linien Sprudeln


The project of Water belongs to the early and ongoing projects of the artist. She is interested in working with elemental and primary subjects such as time, life and death, color, lines, raw materials or water... themes easy to enunciate yet complex to capture. Her work observes how they are connected to human nature and society behavior.

"Water" contemplates this essential and fascinating element that can transform in any shape or consistency, and blend with other bodies to create innovative compositions like an identity.
Underneath this subject lies the idea that the human body, in terms of tissue type, may be analyzed into water, fat, muscle, bone etc... so basically taking from a crude point of view we are all the same, an envelope for the sole. But yet every human being is different, not referring to DNA unchangeable characteristics but exterior ways of defining oneself. Cultural, personal, aesthetic, religious, professional facets of a person's life add up and create individuality.
Like water we are a whole ever-evolving core and the experiences lived, and choices made come together to form who we are at this moment.


Titel der Arbeit